Helping You Sell Home!



You are moving right? 

Go ahead and pack up everything you can like magazines, toys, & knick knacks. Anything you can pack away to help make Your home look clean and free up counter/table tops, & floor space is going to help. We all have things we love, but when selling Your home less can definitely be more.

Clean Paint Repair


If You are like me & would rather do yardwork than clean, hiring a cleaning lady can help. 

I love bright colors, but when it comes to wall colors & selling Your home neutral colors will appeal to more buyers. 

Does Your home have a minor repair needed here, there, & everywhere? If this is the case, buyers often see one giant repair. Remember, things that seem minor or normal to us may not to others.

First Impressions


Be aware that the exterior of Your home is the next owners first impression. No landscaping at all is better than unkempt & overgrown. Clean the exterior by sweeping away any cobwebs, remove debris & trash from the yard, clean windows & seals, and touch up peeling paint.